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Mosha Studio

Built in the traditional style, with a rustic thatched roof but state-of-the-art cooking facilities, the studio has been dedicated to native Tanzanian Sous-chef Rose Mosha, who has been developing the cooking classes over her six years with the resort. They are now a much in-demand signature fixture, teaching eager students from around the world how to prepare mouthwatering traditional dishes and sample the best that the ‘Spice Island’ has to offer.

Chef Rose says “I am delighted to be able to showcase the best of Swahili cuisine at the Mosha Cookery Studio and inspire guests with my personal favourites and treasured family dishes which have been passed down from generation to generation”.

Become a cooking Virtuoso

Essque Zalu Zanzibar, already a culinary hotspot on the island introduces packaged stays to include Swahili Cooking Lessons at our Mosha Cookery Studio - Built in the traditional style, with a rustic thatched roof but state-of-the-art cooking facilities.

The studio has five live cooking stations centred around communal learning, meaning those with a competitive edge can even challenge friends and family, MasterChef style!

Perfect for individual foodies or groups travelling together, the school caters for amateurs, enthusiasts and accomplished cooks alike. Available for all age groups, the studio even offers fun kids’ cooking classes for budding young gastronomes from the age of four and above.

USD 55 per lesson including meal.

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