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Essque Zalu ZanzibarEssque Zalu Zanzibar


Unlock the Secrets of Zanzibar!

If you visit Zanzibar but only stay on a resort beach, you’re missing a world of adventure! Pirates, merchants, and smugglers from around the world called Zanzibar home, and left their secrets on the island waiting for you to discover. Zanzibuggy tours offers high-octane excursions along the old smugglers’ routes near Nungwi. Explore places that you could never access by car - hidden gems known only to locals. Their guides will take you off the beaten track to picturesque beaches away from the tourist crowds. You will also observe traditional farming, boat building, and fishing techniques. Their unique buggies make exploring this beautiful island an epic adventure - Zanzibar is an off-road driving paradise!

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Start your thrilling journey with in beautiful Nungwi. After a quick orientation of the buggy, your guide reveals a secret smuggler’s path to a pristine fishing beach. Feel the wind in your face, the sun on your shoulders, and the sand rushing under your buggy as you zip through the stunning Zanzibar landscape. The buggies pack plenty of punch and add a shot of adrenaline to your day, regardless of your experience level. Your guide customizes your expedition, making sure you feel safe and comfortable at all times. The adventure whizzes through lush farming and plantation area, under swaying palm trees, and over the best off-road trails of the island, giving you plenty of time to practice your off-road driving skills under the instruction of your knowledgeable guide. You finish at a local village, where you chat with locals and watch fishermen repairing their traditional dhow boats, before returning to Nungwi.

2 trips daily: at 9am &2pm

What to Bring

* Sunscreen
* Weather-appropriate clothing
* Anyone wishing to drive a buggy must have a valid driver’s permit (valid driver’s license from any country)
* Passport
* Credit card for security deposit

Water and snacks are provided

About Our Buggies

The off-road buggies are the perfect way to explore Zanzibar’s north coast. Each buggy comfortably seats two and offers the stability of a car with the “go anywhere” excitement of a dirt bike. The buggies are outfitted with everything you need for an exhilarating adventure, including:

* Automatic transmission
* Hydraulic disc brakes on all four wheels
* Safety-certified roll cage and seat belts
* Tilt steering wheel
* Adjustable seats

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